About Excelsior Creations

Aimed towards professional work, perfection when possible. As well as versatility doing various designs. At present I'm also the designer as well as fabricator. Well made parts are also a goal. So the price cannot be 'cheap', it's a low price but not cheap (read crummy). I'm constantly doing sewing (mostly faux fur) projects to improve my craft but to date the work has just been for my use mainly. I would enjoy making things for other folks! I have an accounting degree from a business college and will conduct this in a very business like manner as best I can so that things are handled in a more professional manner. How my existing fursuits came to be. June 22, 2011 I was seriously jealous of seeing all those fursuiters and decided to take that energy and make an effort to make my own fursuit. Excelsior was born and work started July 1, 2011. The first thing I created was the tail, then the original hand paws and foot paws. Work started on the head as I learned from many, many sources about making fursuits and costumes in general. So many wonderful tutorials including Matrices.

I continued with Federation Fox the next month wanting to use longer plushier fur and bought a head from another maker.

That head was a disaster so I rebuilt it following the general design.  That fursuit and head had always been considered 'ugly' but I was still new to fursuit construction.

Then many revisions were done trying to improve both Excelsior The Lion and Federation Fox.

Later on I decided to try to make a "professionally" done fursuit to exhibit my improving skills.  I created Dagnabbit Rabbit to do that but got dissapointed as I tried to make it sewn but not glued on furring.  Had to glue it.  Lots of bad glue spots I still keep trying to fix!  If I had the money I'd make a new one but the main reason I did a rabbit as a friend was planning on commisioning me to do a rabbit for him so I jumped the gun and got the materials and made my own to learn from.

I continue to improve my fursuit construction work.  But most of the time the parts like claws are hand made (modeling clay) and not pre-mades.

When I started Pachaguar, used resin eyes I bought, jawset.  (I forgot who I got them from)

I plan on using a LOT of pre-made parts from various makers that sell parts like foam head shells (though hard to individualize to my liking.

Also down the road I'd like to get the materials and start creating my own cast parts to use so I can both have my style and learn to make custom parts as requested by clients.

About the Business


About the characters

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(mini pic)Excelsior The Lion


(mini pic)Federation Fox


(mini pic)Dagnabbit Rabbit


(mini pic)Pachaguar


(mini pic)Captain Calamity Coyote
(I prefer just "Captain Coyote" lol)


Techniques experienced with

(note to self) List of all types of work done do date (types of sole, materials, etc.) * Soles - types * Features * Balaclava and 'shell' heads * Toony eyes and 3D eyes * Some electrical background so I can do electronic effects including LED and electro luminescence, can do a LOT more " Etc.