Gallery of Fursuits

Below are images of my current fursuits as they appear recently.

Excelsior The Lion


Excelsior is my first fursuit I made for myself albeit much revised now. The head shown is the original but the body and paws are new. I'll be creating a new head as time and money allows.

Federation Fox Partial

Federation Fox Partial

Federation Fox Full (scrapped)

Federation Fox Full Fursuit

Federation Fox started out as my second full fursuit I made for myself just after the original Excelsior fursuit. It was more learning about construction and design. It too has gone through revisions until semi-retirement recently. The body was taken apart and now Federation Fox is just a partial.

The name was an attempt to acknowledge I'm a Star Trek fan and may include a Star Trek costume in the future.


Federation Fox Full Fursuit

third fursuit but attempt at 'professional' however lacking funds to get materials to do the head again more "perfectly"


Federation Fox Full Fursuit

forth made just for myself on a whim using existing fur stock

Captain Coyote

Federation Fox Full Fursuit

fifth fursuit under construction I made for myself to replace Federation Fox full suit but is not made to 'professional' standard either. Head is nearly completed.