Current estimated prices for fursuits

I'm just starting to take fursuit commissions now so this is my first price list. In reality all fursuits are custom made therefore prices vary a great deal depending on what is requested.  I strive for high quality but as a result timeliness is difficult. So no deadlines but goals and limits. Like setting a maximum time to complete like 1 year (not including major revisions) or such. One month deadlines for full fursuits are very difficult for me but on some items it can be possible.

I play this "by ear" (furry ear?!) so prices are dynamic per customers design. Usually I can do a generic spec sheet included in the suit price unless you have one already (advisable for artistic design).

FIRST person to pay the commission down payment to start the work gets a FREE plushie of their character / fursuit.*

General prices for a complete fursuit:
Partial (tail, feet, hands, head) $600
Full body $1,500

Individually commissioned items:
Tail (basic) $30
Tail (complex) $50
Tail (exotic) $80
Ears $50
Head (base price) $300
Hands (basic) $50
Feet (basic) $50
Feet (stompy) $70
Additions to above items (prices add on to above estimates):
EL lighting and related $60
3D eyes $20
Cast jaw set & tongue $50
Resin base $50
Hands Pre-made paw parts $40
Sleeves $40
Feet Pre-made paw parts $60
Full leggings $50
Digitigrades $100

Base prices are for foam balaclava head, home made claws, pads (vinyl) etc. Plenty of options are possible, just ask!
Usual rule of thumb for a deposit to start the work is ½ of the estimate is paid up front so I can purchase materials. Remaining about on delivery.

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*It's actually a good idea in a way to show the client what it would 'tend' to look like!  I might use it though it is difficult to do matching but short fur on the plushie.

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